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Have A Question?

Feel free to check back here for answers to frequently asked questions.  If there is something you are looking for, and it is not here, let us know!

 When are solid waste and recycling picked up?

Solid waste and recycling are picked up each Tuesday. Pick up may start as early as 6 AM so containers should be placed at the curb the evening before.  Please insure that garbage and recyclables are secure from wind and animals.

 Who do I contact about water/wastewater service?

Please contact the City of Hickory at (828) 323-7500.

 Do I need a permit to add on to my house?

Yes, you will need a zoning permit.  Please contact the Town Planner to obtain this permit, or click here to review the Zone Permit Process.  The Planning Staff will assist you in obtaining a zoning permit and answer any additional questions you may have about other necessary permits.

 Where do I go to pay taxes?

All tax services are handled by Catawba County.  You may contact the tax department at (828) 465-8401.  The tax office is located at 25 Government Drive Newton, NC.