Planning Department

The Town Manager and Planner handle all planning-related issues.  The Planner is contracted through the Western Piedmont Council of Governments and works for the Town a half-day each week.  Typically, the Planner is at Town Hall on Monday from 1 - 5 pm. 

If you have any questions regarding zoning, planning, or land use, please feel free to contact the Town Planner or Town Hall for further information.

Dustin Millsaps

Town Hall (828) 241-2215

Planning Board Members


Trent Cloninger, Chair            
Cindy Richardson-Travis
Vanessa Springs McCullum       
Linda Charles                           
Scott Medlin                             
Ray Abernathy (Vice-chair)     
Kathy Ervin                             
Shannon Dishman                   


Elisabeth Billod-Girard